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Growing A Tiny Bump

Baby Bump
It seems like I’ve been gone for so long! I know cause it feels like it’s been too long. I really do apologise for the lack of posts for 3 months, but here’s the deal – I’m pregnant!Β  Continue Reading

Impromptu Family Hangout

impromptu hangout

So It’s Saturday, and my family took the chance to use this time to “hang out”. We went to the supermarket for tonight’s dinner, and try to feed our sick/pregnant chihuahua, and trying to separate our ever fighting chihuahua and husky. I can’t believe we have two very different in size dogs in the same house, and they also don’t like each other much.

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I am Bored


Yes I am very bored. bored about life, about this blog, about everything else around me. Ever since I came back, my whole life have changed. It’s definitely has become boring. I don’t do anything. I make invitations and drawings sometimes, but that’s about it. Everyone around me wants easy, they want the typical normal life. They work, finish work, and back to the same old shit over and over again. I am not happy because I know I don’t want to live the rest of my life like this.

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Blue Silk Scarf and Stripe Shorts

Blue Scarf Stripes Shorts

It’s almost Eid holiday here, and although I don’t celebrate it, I’m looking forward towards the long long weekend. I wanted to wear something more casual so I paired a camisole, shorts with simple stripes and a blue silk scarf to make the whole outfit “pop” a little. It’s getting really hot here, and I really wish it would rain again!! Oh, and my birthday is coming up really really soon I’m so excited!! Back on the outfit, read more for details!

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Blue Crop & Bali Shorts


It’s summer now, like it’s always summer here in tropical Indonesia. I don’t really get the chance to wear winter clothes unless I’m in another country that has winter (duh). Since I always have summer on my side, I have a lot and I mean a looooot of summer-wearable clothes. It’s been really rainy these days and I finally get the chance to wear short and crop tops again. Read more of the post for outfit details and where to get them! Continue Reading