5 Little Signs He Really Love You

    Source: Unsplash


    It’s been a year into your relationship, and your SO is getting less and less romantic. You google “Does he really love me?” or “Why doesn’t he say I love you anymore?”. After numerous articles and signs and quizzes, you may have concluded that your SO is no longer in love with you. To make your un-needed paranoia even worse you realise that he doesn’t bring you flowers anymore, nor does he take you out on a date every week or so. You freak out, you panic, and then you cry assuming he really doesn’t love you.

    By now you’re probably panicking, and anxious to find a light in the dark. So here you are, seeking the answer you’ve longed for. But firstly, you’ve got to be realistic. The love i’m talking about is not the kind of love you feel when you first enter  a relationship, the flowery and sparkly kind. It’s not something out of Titanic or The Notebook. We’re talking about real human loving, the kind where you settle down and it’s not always sugar sweet.

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