Blue Scarf Stripes Shorts

Blue Silk Scarf and Stripe Shorts

It’s almost Eid holiday here, and although I don’t celebrate it, I’m looking forward towards the long long weekend. I wanted to wear something more casual so I paired a camisole, shorts with simple stripes and a blue silk scarf to make the whole…


Blue Crop & Bali Shorts

It’s summer now, like it’s always summer here in tropical Indonesia. I don’t really get the chance to wear winter clothes unless I’m in another country that has winter (duh). Since I always have summer on my side, I have a lot and I…

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5 Little Signs He Really Love You

  It’s been a year into your relationship, and your SO is getting less and less romantic. You google “Does he really love me?” or “Why doesn’t he say I love you anymore?”. After numerous articles and signs and quizzes, you may have concluded…